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Coporate Wellbeing
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Positive psychological health and wellbeing are a crucial part of employee engagement and organisational performance. I have extensive experience of supporting leaders and teams in developing their understanding and skills in how to enhance their wellbeing and thrive in the workplace. Some examples of projects are below.

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Organisational Wellbeing

I offer consultation on policy, processes and structures that can help you develop your organisation’s culture and values to create  psychological safety and cultivate an environment that fosters individual and team wellbeing.

Suicide Prevention Training

Workshops to increase awareness of suicide and help develop skills and confidence in having potentially life-saving conversations.



Wellbeing Workshops

Training and workshops to help individuals and teams to better understand their emotional health, provide tools and guidance for wellbeing-management, remove the stigma surrounding mental health and build support each other. Topics could include: stress management, building resilience or how to have supportive conversations on mental health.

Leadership Coaching

Enhance your leadership by developing self-awareness, improving specific skills, developing your authentic and compassionate leadership style to help engage and empower your team.


Occasionally teams can experience traumatic events, critical incident debriefs can be helpful in bringing team members together to understand what happen, it’s impact and develop coping skills.

As well as providing group debriefs, for larger organisations I can train a team of debrief facilitators. 

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