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Therapy Services

With You Every Step of the Way
therapy journey

Individual Counselling

As Psychologist I am trained to help people who are experiencing problems with the way they feel, think and/or behave.  Drawing from psychological theory and evidence-based research I will think and discuss with you about your difficulties with the aim of helping you to better understand your problems and to find more helpful ways of changing and overcoming them.


Psychological therapy involves thinking and talking, you will be actively involved in all aspects of the sessions.  I will be interested in hearing how the problem has developed, how it effects your life and how you have coped with it up until now. I’ll ask questions and make observations to help you develop a deeper understand your difficulties and to think through more helpful ways to cope with them. 


I won’t tell you what to do or give you advice, but will work collaboratively and compassionately with you and support you in reaching your desired goals


There will also be things that could be helpful for you to think about and work on between sessions; this helps you learn more about yourself and the techniques discussed with your Psychologist. This is often a key part of making the most of your therapy.


Some of the problems that I commonly help with include:

Depression or low mood

Distress or feeling overwhelmed

Anxiety or worry

Stress about work, life or family

Previous traumatic events or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Feelings of self-doubt or self criticism

Adjustment to difficult circumstances, including the impact of physical health conditions


Supervision and Consultation

I am passionate about supporting professionals develop their clinical skills. I provide clinical supervision and consultation to a range of professionals, including qualified or pre-qualification psychologists or counsellors, mental health nurses, psychiatrists, or health and social care professionals.

I have extensive supervisory and consultation experience. My supervision is informed by CBT and systemic models and learning theory. During supervision I work collaboratively with you to create a safe and nurturing space for you to reflect on all aspects of your practice, develop your skills and competencies and feel supported in providing the best care for your clients

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